Rental Catamaran “Ara Vinc…”

Catamaran charter Ibiza with crew. CATJAL CHATER, presents “Ara Vinc …” A fast cruising catamaran Flash Cat 52s model, designed by renowned naval architect Erik Lerouge and built in the shipyard of Flash Catamarans, with the intention to make you enjoy sailing, reaching another dimension.

For the construction of this fabulous catamaran rental Ibiza, we have used the most advanced materials such as Kevlar, carbon fiber and epoxy resin to achieve a much higher than the standards catamarans are accustomed to see performance.

Increasingly, builders of  sailing catamarans look more towards large interior and deck spaces , with booms at half mast, large superstructures and stuff … forgetting that the purpose of a boat is to sail and for a catamarán, to sail comfortably and fast. Erik Lerouge , one of the great designers of catamarans, remains faithful to its line of high performance boats.


  • Length: 15,60m
  • Beam: 8,60m
  • Draft: 1.10m
  • Minimum Headroom: 1.80m (almost all 2m)
  • Year: 2015
  • Capacity: up to 8 pax week /weekends and for day charter up to 12 pax day

The Ara vinc …  has everything you need to make you feel at home:

      • Fridge
      • Freezer
      • Microwave
      • 220v throughout the ship
      • Water maker
      • Forced ventilation
      • Separate toilet and shower for each cabin
      • Wireless

Rates for the catamaran Ara vinc… season of 2018.

If you would like to know more, please contact us

Monica +34 650 493 729

From 1st January to 30th April   900 €
From 1st May to 16th June   1,200 €
From 17th June to 7th July   1,800 €
From 8th July to 18th August   2,000 €
From 19th August to 8th September   1,800 €
From 9th September to 27th October   1,200  €
From 1st November to 31st December   900 €


From 1st January to 30th April 1,900 €
From 1st May to 16th June 2,700 €
From 19th August to 8th September 3,300 €
From 9th September to 27th October 2,700 €
From 1st November to 31st December 1,900 €


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Rental catamaran Ibiza , you will not feel the heel and will not have to fight with moving snacks or crockery. You will have to get used to sail at than 10 knots, while snaking or having a cocktail.

If you have not sailed on a catamaran  before, your catamaran hire Ibiza will provide you with new sensations and loads of comfort and if your experience has been in common catamarans, such as Fountaine, Lagoon, etc … you will think that they were dragging the anchor.

Lerouge’s boats have sailed endlessly around the world and can be found in places where the conditions of the sea are not the most comfortable… The distinctive design makes them unmistakable at first glance. With “Ara Vinc…”, during your Charter catamaran Ibiza you will enjoy the confort of 4 en suite cabins + bow cabin for crew and a wide cockpit. All of this thanks to  its size, large spaces everywhere without forgetting a sleek design that allows it to sail fast without needing much wind.

Don’t believe us, come and experience it!!

Don’t let anyone tell you!!!

The ideal boat for a magnificent Catamaran Charter Ibiza